Peace of mind

Enjoy nature worry-free

We want you to enjoy the beauty and peace of the Pyrenees worry-free, and create new unforgettable memories. At Hotel Edelweiss Candanchú taking care of our guests is our number one priority.

You can consult our prevention manual in here. We implement the Safety and Hygiene protocols dictated by the Ministry of Health of the Government of Spain and the manual of good practices by the Institute for Spanish Tourism Quality (ICTE) endorsed by the Health Ministry. Every member of our team has been trained and certified.

Covid-19 Insurance

Book your stay with us with peace of mind. If Covid-19 puts a halter on your plans, we guarantee your refund. 

These conditions are valid only if you have booked your stay at the Hotel Edelweiss Candanchu directly with us. That is, through the web by phone or WhatsApp, or through our email.

Platforms such as, or travel agencies have their own cancellation policies.

When can you claim your Covid-19 Insurance?

If you need to quarantine

If you, a loved one, or a close contact has tested positive and you need to quarantine. In this case we will require proof and at least 24 hour notice. 

Your area is under lockdown

If your city, region, or country is under lockdown. 24 hour notice is required, but if possible always let us know sooner. 

Our area is under lockdown

If Candanchu, the province, or country is under lockdown. We will get in touch and process your refund.